ANGELIQUE is searching for new Collaborations on the saronic Islands to build up the finances to Greek companies and Brands! 😍😍

If you are a Greek brand, if you are a greek designer, if you are a Greek company owner in the Fashion industry! If you are based in the saronic islands and wants to get more sales in this difficult times of COVID, please connect to us at ANGELIQUE, We buy stocks, sell stocks and love to colloboration together with you and your buisness! 😍😍

Our Purpose is to do what we love = sell your products and to give you a better sales number and income. Lets connect together and make the Best of this situation!

We are a retailer, wholesales channel and link for you out on the internet to sell it for you! πŸ˜‡πŸ™

Connect to us thrue a E-Mail at @πŸ‘‰ and tell US more about who you are, what your buisness is and what brands you are working with, or what brand you are creating. We Will Come back to you as soon as possibel and send a sales person from ANGELIQUE to speak more!

Best Regards