2 Year anniversary for ANGELIQUE! 😍😍


Today is exacly 2 years since ANGELIQUE open up The doors for the Magical world of FASHION for Women online, the date when ANGELIQUE open up the doors was 18 August 2018 !
The purpose was from the beginning to make women feel empowered and self confident every singel Day!
Today is exacly the 2 year anniversary for ANGELIQUE and when this Journey started for me.
The Concept of what ANGELIQUE started as and what I have accived to be and becoming in the writing moment In only 2 years is to create a new concept of what started as a dropship company and side project to becoming a Lifestyleconcept, wholesales channel and distribution for retailers, a personal blogg, a future online remote workplace for People and everyday slowly slowly growing into a new world Company concept and empire.
Today I want to thank you all who have been on my side, belived in me and Who is on my side today to support, help and motivate me every day on this wonderful journey of ANGELIQUE! ❀
And offcourse, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all our costumers! Without you this would never be possible!! You are our source and reason we keep build this Empire!

Remember That you find all my outfits and pieces I wear to SHOP in the Collection Links! πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

I think this is the messages for today, .

Sending you all my Love & Light as Always!


Best Regards


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