New Future is waiting for ANGELIQUE!!🤗🤗😍😍

Hi Everybody!

Its a Long time Ago since we updated the blog, and its been a time of many changes, new Collaborations and a lot more in the latest weeks!

Angelique is moving forward with a new future of new collaborations in the Islands of Greece!

Our first ‘Instaframe’ is finally here and so is the first physical shop who sells our products on the Island of Aegina!

You will find us together in a deep new Collaboration where 2 Brands becomes One:
ANGELIQUE & TRIA-AEGINA has become One together!!

You will also find us together with the ‘Instaframe’ at the center in the middle of Aegina Town, so come by and take a photo together with us and get a chance to enjoy our weekly giveaways every SUNDAY!!

Sometimes things happening differently than we expect in life, and when it happens, you just ‘Go with the Flow’ and jump through the Doors that are opening for you. Like I always use to tell people: “When God closes One door, he opens another!”

I am inviting you all out there to please come and visit my island paradise in Aegina, Greece! You find us here at ANGELIQUE SHOP together @triaaegina - in the Main road in the center.

We look forward to seeing you and new faces from all over the world to finally meet up in person, and to serve you personally in our shop.

Welcome from the bottom of my heart and the whole company of ANGELIQUE and TRIA-AEGINA together, sharing the Magic .

Sending you all My Love and Light as Always!

Best regards Priscilla & the ANGELIQUE Team working with TRIA-AEGINA!