Weekends photoshoot, New products and Feeling blessed in the Country of Greece!šŸ˜šŸ˜

New dresses, scarves and jewelry are found in the Saronic Islands! ANGELIQUE is working in its purpose to 200%! to bring out new Greek brands, to help the small companies and to bring back the economy for the wonderful people of Greece, to help the small companies and bring new opportunities to the people around the Saronic Islands and in the country of Greece! We receive many questions about how we do this and the best answer is, we do it through doing what we love and are the best experts at!! So When you shop through ANGELIQUE you are actually supporting ANGELIQUE to help Greek companies: the new Greek brands, designers and economics of the people and economics of the country of Greece! Today we feel proud of what we have started and created in this wonderful country! We want to thank the Greek people who allow us do what we love! Pictures from this weekends photo-shoot with all new products are ready to be shipped !!!
All photos taken by amazing Nicos D. L You find him at
Instagram @nicotraveler2020
Sending you all my Love & Light as always!
Best regards