About us

Our Vision


Our mission is to make women 
feel empowered and self-confident
every single day.


Wearing the right clothes are crucially important in realizing yourself...

When we’re able to wear what makes us feel our best, we can be our best selves, and in turn live our best lives. Yet we’ve had to compromise – we’ve spent a lot of time and money on our clothes, but never had what we wanted. The result? A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! We are changing that by building the world’s first shop with personal expression: a dream closet filled with a selection of clothes specifically selected for situations, moods and stages of mind which you encounter during different events of your daily life. Imagine all the clothes that truly express who you really are and bring out your confidence as well as the feedback of your environment in the way you’ve ever wanted - without the need of compromise on the the-boring-black-dress-you-settled-for instead.

Some call it fashion freedom. We call it a fashion revolution.

With the all the right clothes targeted personally to the situation of the moment, women can more freely express themselves and dress for the incredible lives they lead – whether that’s a special look for a big event or rotating outfits for everyday. We believe that personalzied clothing is the future, and we’re only getting started...


What will you do with your closet now with having the most suitable dress that is always personally selected to your mood and for your specific situation?



Co-founder, Angelique Shop